Our Curriculum


Since the year 2000, The Little Schoolhouse has earned the reputation for being an

extraordinarily happy and productive place. Our caring, well-qualified, and dedicated staff know how to make learning interesting and fun. When the children are happy, so are our parents!


• An Inspiring Curriculum

Compiled over the years by our talented and creative teachers, the curriculum at The Little Schoolhouse is play-based and theme-oriented. Most of our curriculum resources are from Harcourt Pebble Soup, Rigby, and Lakeshore Learning Supply. The teachers diligently plan activities around a theme and then engage children with a proactive, hands-on approach. Our younger students, aged 2 through 4, focus on a specific theme, letter, number, color and shape every two weeks.


• Variety

Enhancing the Harcourt and Rigby curriculum resources, we use a variety of approaches to maximise each child’s learning experience. To reinforce a concept, you may find us making a papier-maché dino-land or gluing popcorn on the letter “P”. Here at The Little Schoolhouse we are attentive to each child’s individual needs. All activities, including the Sports Program, Music and Spanish Lessons, are developmentally appropriate. 


• Discovery & Fun 

Songs, stories, posters, and puppets are used to develop language and literacy skills. Creative movement is another magical and fun way to increase young attention spans. 


• Manners & Confidence

In social situations, we assist and support children as they learn self control and to respond positively. Teachers help children gain social confidence by encouraging young friends to use kind words in sharing situations. 


• A Pleasant Environment

In the classrooms as well as on the playground, The Little Schoolhouse has invested in a superb selection of educational toys and equipment. Everyone loves our spacious artificial turf play yard on which the children ride high-quality tricycles, swing, climb, and play ball! They also love the shade canopies for some protection from the sun. 


• Happy All-Round

All of these qualities set a foundation for well-adjusted children who are excited about learning — and, in turn, make their parents happy. Alumni families often say what fond memories they have of their child's years at The Little Schoolhouse. Such a positive and caring environment is an ideal beginning for your child’s education.


Visit us today! We’re located on the corner of Dowdeswell & Deveaux Streets. Call us for an appointment at: 325-3795.