From Janua & Jason Wisdom...


The Little Schoolhouse is the preferred choice for our three-year-old daughter for a number of reasons:

  • School Size:  The Little Schoolhouse has an excellent student-teacher ratio.  It is exactly what we are looking for in a preschool for our child who has, until now, been at home with Mom.

  • Physical Environment: The entire physical environment is designed to invite, accommodate, and engage curious preschoolers.  Our concerns regarding safety, cleanliness, and overall stimulation clearly planned out.

The Little Schoolhouse’s “Popular Points”


Parents often tell us why they like our school. Here’s what they say:


  • Good class size.

  • Excellent student-teacher ratio.

  • Dedicated, caring staff.

  • Flexible program options: 3-Morning, 5-Morning, 5 Morning PLUS

  • Full Day, Kindergarden and Grade 1.

  • Convenient location near town.

  • Interactive “hands-on” approach to learning.

  • Emphasis on reading and writing preparedness.

  • Attention to the child's social and emotional development.

  • The student body is large enough to foster long lasting friendships without the pressures of large classes at large schools.

  • Small classes allow more one-to-one attention.

  • Well-rounded curriculum that includes: Physical Education, Music, Spanish, Literature, Science, Art Appreciation, and Social Studies.

  • Curriculum: The Little Schoolhouse has been recommended to us by another highly respected educator, someone who knows about curriculum development and early childhood education.  Our site visit and interview with the Principal confirmed that our child would be engaging in a wide array of developmentally appropriate activities.

  • Teaching Staff: Our observations of the classes with their teachers have proven their excellent training and experience in Early Childhood Education.  The instructional segments are soundly developed and engaging for the students.  By design the lessons are fun and relevant. Every effort is made by the staff to involve family members and maintain effective communication.  


From the Pinder Family...


Dear Ms. Kara,


We want to gain express our thanks for all you have done for Sloan and his learning experience.  It has been such a great one.  We have seen Sloan grow and blossom and have been pleasantly surprised at all he had learned. 


The support from you and your teachers has been incredible and we cannot thank you enough.




Judy, Michael, and Sloan xoxo



From the Kurlinski-Williams Family...


Hi Kara,


The early formative years of our children are the most important. When we entered the doorway of The Little School House it reminded me of my childhood, a warm, welcoming, safe environment where I could learn and have fun. We knew that we had found the right school for our children. 

Learning here is creative and fun, so much so that children want to learn more. Their inquisitive, curious natures are encouraged. What we like is the variety of ways basic concepts are taught. The children understand the concepts, not merely repeating what is taught. They are encouraged to have an opinion and ask questions to their classmates and teachers. 

All of the children are special and their weaknesses and strengths are addressed on an individual level.

Sense of community, fair play and cooperation is a daily part of their learning. 

Again it is fun and happy, with no child excluded from school plays or activities. At the end of their time at The Little School House they leave happy, confident, adjusted children who can learn in any new school environment. 

The Kurlinski-Williams Family



From Jen Roach...


Re: Jacob’s Vocational Days




Thank you so much for allowing Jacob to do his (high school) vocational days with you!  He has come home each day saying how he has enjoyed his experience (as a student teacher at Summer Camp).  I hope he has been helpful to you as well.  Have a wonderful summer!


All the best,



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